Main Gate at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp


The Main Gate



Keeping vigil.



Becky and Barbara fasting for peace.



Cassie holding a very new baby Jay.



It's that baby again - this time with his mother, Sarah



Every morning Jane drove into town and brought back newspapers and food supplies - this time there seems to be a surprise gift for someone.



Hiro cooks ones of her fabulous stews while Gill and Liz look on.



Mandy and Sue dealing with the washing up.



Jen takes a break for a cuppa.



Barbara repairing her bender.
A daily occurence for everyone after wind and rain.



A meditative moment in an unfinished bender.



Playtime with Jay for Beatrice, Becky and Jane.




Becky looking thoughtful.



Hazel looking into the Comiso base in Sicily.



Hazel gets a surprise visit from her mum Jean - the mum who made it to Greenham a day before her daughter but decided not to stay.



Arlene waves as Jay & Sarah play.



Cycling on the runway


Sarah - who stayed to the end.



Susannah moving through a blockade





Cheryl, Hazel & Liz - it has the feel of a Money Meeting looking at our faces.




Katrina - one of the camp's longest serving inmates :-)




A touching moment




Blockading Main Gate ...



... making music ...


.... reflecting


taken at Faslane 01/09/06